About US

Hello Friends, My Name is Ripul Ahuja I am 22 years old. I am the owner and founder of BigBLearn.com blog. The Purpose of this blog is to enable any individual to pick business as a full time or as a part time side hustle. In this blog we will talk about different businesses, business models, technical and financial terms, starting up a business, tools to improve business.

What is BigBLearn?

BigBLearn stands for creating a big business with proper learning and implementation. We are a community of hustlers who are on the way to build something big for our community.

Why I Choose Blogging?

I am a student right now and like most of the students i have a urge to do something big but i don’t know it right now but i know that i will figure it out and in the journey of figuring out i have to take many steps and choosing to blog is one such step.

Talking about my earlier life i had tried affiliate marketing and i did make a good amount of money. I did a niche t-shirt business in my college, I have a good amount of knowledge on digital marketing. And the next step in this journey to further increase my experience is blogging.

I choose business niche because it is the field that fascinates me the most, i have a decent knowledge and a high interest in the domain of business. I can learn fast and since my learning will be fresh i can deliver it to you like a friend and everyone knows that a lecture by an experienced teacher will take 1 hour but with a friend takes 5-10 minutes for same concept.