Set Up and Earn Money With Cloud kitchen in 2022

What is a Cloud Kitchen?

History Of Food Sector Consists of a Restaurant’s And QSR which require a large investment and a large space and a lot of staff to manage the customers.

Cloud Kitchen on the other hand is the innovation in the food sector which is based on home-food delivery/take-away model only and with current startups like swiggy and zomato the concept of cloud kitchen is even more profitable because of a high traffic and demand generated by these apps.

What Are Documents required for a Cloud Kitchen?

For A Cloud Kitchen you will need

  • MENU

Hiring a Legal Person Could Help You get all the documents with difficulty

Basic Requirements for a Cloud Kitchen to be Successful

For A Successful Cloud Kitchen You will need a great chef, Never Compromise in taste, quality and cost because these are the factors that will determine the sales position.

To Further increase the sale, partner with zomato and swiggy. and also enable the take-away medium.

Always Give Good Discounts to customers to build up a taste. In the Beginning your goal should be to acquire customers rather than making profit. You should have atleast one USP which can be cost factor, Taste-Quality or the Product You are offering.

How To decide cost of a product in menu?

You Should ask your chef the average cost it takes to make a dish then you should figure out cost yourself.

To figure out the cost yourself take a generic amount of raw material and make the dish out of it look how many plates you are able to make out of it than average out the cost this is the cost figured out by you.

In the next step take the average cost figured out by you and given by your chef.

Then add around 90-100% profit in it and compare it with market selling price.

PRO TIP- always add extra cost for the commission you are giving to zomato/swiggy and also discounts in your selling price.

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