Mahindra First Choice Franchise in India in 2022 | Investment, Profit Margins, Business Plan , Strategy to Grow.

Mahindra is a well know brand, not only in India but worldwide and their decision to launch a subsidiary Mahindra first choice franchise is a great business move, Because their is a very big market of used vehicles and now if that thing comes under brand name of Mahindra what could be better than that. Now Mahindra First Choice Team is planning to launch around 1800 outlets in India and moreover they are doing heavy marketing to promote this move in game of second hand cars.

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In this Blog we will discuss all the parameters that will help you to decide that whether you should take the mahindra first choice franchise or not.

Mahindra First Choice Franchise

Mahindra First Choice – Business Model

Mahindra First Choice Comes with Franchise model giving two types of franchise to people

  1. Mahindra First Choice Wheel – It deals in all kind of second hand cars for the people
  2. Mahindra First Choice Service – It deals in providing maintenance and service to people


Now firstly you’ll need a big space for franchise which should have an office and space to place `15-20 cars in the store itself.

The Mahindra First Choice Franchise fees is around 20-50 lakhs. To run the business you also need an upfront investment of around 20 lakhs for operating the business.

P.S. You can raise money with Committee System Technique also.

What are duties of a Franchise?

Mahindra First Choice Franchise will have to deal in all kind of things from the vehicle being placed in their store to vehicle being sold to the customer rather it be amount collection, amount transfer to seller , getting documents ready. And other duties are car inspection, car spare parts dealing,etc.

How to Get Franchise?

It is Very easy as right now they are giving a lot of franchise, you just need to fill the franchise form on their website and they will revert back to you. Fill correct details as incorrect may lead to suspension of application.

To know More About Mahindra First Choice Franchise – details

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