Small Business Ideas for House Women in 2022| Complete Details

First of all you need to stop giving yourself a tag of house women as a limiting factor, Nowadays nobody is left behind their are a hell lot of opportunities available irrespective of gender, So you need to just change your mindset to convert this small business idea to a big one and become independent.

In this blog we will talk about small business ideas for house women, talking about implementation and how you can grow that idea to a large scale. I will not talk about how you will get legal documents ready you can know about that in other blogs or youtube videos.

Before Deciding What business to start from ‘small business ideas for house women’, the best thing you can do is know about yourself. Look for all the skills you have it could be cooking, stitching, designing, interior designing, teaching. If you are still unaware of that you can upskill yourself by learning that skill for e.g. you wan to start interior design business so you can learn it on youtube, reading blogs or by taking course from someone. Trust me everything is available for free you just need to find right resources.

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Business Idea 1 – Start Baking Business At Home

Small Business Ideas for House Women

If you are good at baking i.e. making cakes, cookies then you are already good to go otherwise no worries you can still learn it. Baking Business is a great business you can earn decent money with this. You can sell it to your contacts and word of mouth will flow from one person to other.

You can set up an instagram page and do proper marketing of your page in your city. You can give free samples for tasting. You can have an USP on which you can lead the market for e.g. if in market no pure veg baker is available go for it. A lot of people only want to purchase pure veg cakes.

Business Idea 2 – Gift Packing Business

Small Business Ideas for House Women

The Next idea in small business ideas for house women is that You can start selling gift packings which will provide you with great margins and profit. The packaging which I am talking about is buying different things and packing them to form a gift hamper. In this business you’ll earn margins in final product as well as in individual items.

For E.g. you took different items worth 250 and you did a beautiful packaging (depends on your creativity) which costs around 300. Then total cost is 550 But you can sell it easily for 1200-1500.

If you are truly passionate you can create an online website for gift hampers where you can further sell different gift items, also offering them sales on different occasions maintaining customer engagement.

You will be able to ask for more price if your product is unique i.e. you offer products in the basket which are imported and not easily available then you can charge same basket for 1800-2000 easily and customer will pay because of value he is getting.

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Business Idea 3 – Making Assignments and Lab files

The next business idea of ‘small business ideas for house women’ – This idea may seem bizzare to many but still you can earn decent money with this, A lot of students (college and school) look for someone who could make their lab files and assignments. So if you could do that it can become an income source for you. Though this work require more effort, So you can take it if you like.

Business Idea 4 – Sell your Skill

The best way is to sell your skill. In this way you can make your passion into action. Selling your skill means making use of it and providing service to other people. It could be in form of a product as well as freelancing.

For e.g.

  1. If you know interior designing, then you can create a web page or social profile where you could get leads for your business for consultant on interior design.
  2. If you know graphic designing, you can get various orders as freelancing.
  3. If you know to cook, you can teach somebody on a call and can generate good money, a lot of people in metropolitan city are struggling to learn to cook.
  4. If you know astrology, you can practice it online.
  5. You can teach new mothers of basic child care techniques of new born baby. You can reach various mothers by making your social presence on instagram.

Mindset is the main game changer, so if you are reading this blog congratulations you have crossed the barrier which millions of women are struggling to cross. Now next hurdle is consistency, you need to deal with it patiently and if you are successful in doing so The next thing is SUCCESS.


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