Small Manufacturing Business under 2 lakh | Different ideas, Setup steps

A lot of Big Economist have said that by 2030 India will be the world’s biggest economy far ahead from United States and to do this Starting a Small Manufacturing Business under 2 lakh is a great idea as government is also promoting business by launching large schemes on tax saving to promote small scale manufacturing businesses.

Pottery Manufacturing Business

Small Manufacturing Business under 2 lakh

Pottery Manufacturing Business is a great idea under domain “Small Manufacturing Business under 2 lakh” because It requries very less investment and if you do scale it properly on online market, you can earn a lot of capital from this.

You can Make a brand of Creative pottery like hand painted pots and promote heavily digitaly on instagram, google and facebook and establish your social platforms. Do pan Indian Delivery, make your own online store whether on Shopify, wix or any other platform.

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Curtain manufacturing Business

start curtain manufacturing business

This Business need at least 2 lakh of investment but if you do it at your home and with minimal machinery you can do it under 2 lakh initially.

Curtain Manufacturing Business

Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing Business

Every City has ice cream shop and ice cream parlors, who are selling basic ice cream cones and they need somebody to supply those cones to them and you could be the one. If you are the only one in your town manufacturing such thing than trust me though you are starting a small manufacturing business under 2 lakh but you will get a very high ROI.

If you figure out a way for shipment without destroying the product then you can even expand to pan India.

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