Start an electric scooter shop in your city: Investment, Procedure, Strategy

Why Start an electric Scooter Shop?

Electric vehicles are the scope of future all big companies Ola, Tata, Hero are investing heavily in EV Domain. So their is no doubt that this is the future. So if their is no Electric Scooter Dealer in your City, trust me you are really very lucky as a lot of people are diverging towards electric scooter rather than Activas which i am sure you must have used. So it is high time to come in market before those petrol scooter dealers change to electric.

How to Start an Electric Scooter shop?

To start an Electric Scooter Shop you need to have a place to operate and you need to have dealership of different electric scooter manufacturers some of them are named below

To get their dealership you need to visit their website Some of the links are provided above. To become a dealer you need to pay some dealership fees. Price depend on different dealers. You can easily get all details on becoming a dealer by giving them a call or visiting a nearby official store.

Investment Required to Start an Electric Scooter Shop

To Start an Electric Scooter shop you need a place around 1000-2500 sq. ft. So the first piece of investment is the price/rent of the place. The next piece of investment is staff and they will need an initial salary. And the next part of investment will be dealership fees and other fees related to scooters company. You will also need a marketing cost and cost of decorating the place.

So The investment will be around 30-60 lacs considering you are having your own place or you are renting it.

How to get Your first customer

To get Customer you need to tell all your friends and relatives about this business. You need to learn digital marketing and start running ad campaign in your city to make people aware of it. You have to visit all nearby markets and do a door to door campaign and tell the business owners of shops/factories who need vehicle that how this vehicle can save their time. Also Get some posters pasted near petrol pumps as getting fuel is the major pain point.

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