How To Start Cardboard box manufacturing business in 2022? Investment, profitability, steps

Start Cardboard box manufacturing business

Is it profitable to start cardboard manufacturing business in 2022?

Starting cardboard manufacturing business can be a good idea because this business is going nowhere it is going to stay for a long time, a lot of big e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart and any other product based companies/start-ups depend on cardboard boxes for packaging the product. A report has said that amazon is using around 1400-2000 tons of paper to manufacture cardboard boxes so clearly the demand is not going to decrease rather it is going to increase so if demand is increasing in future so clearly the business will be profitable.

Steps to Manufacture Cardboard box

Before learning the steps to manufacture cardboard box we will know the raw material required to manufacture cardboard box the basic materials are kraft paper rolls and the glue.

  • Corrugator machine is used to manufacture cardboard boxes, an operator loads the kraft paper roll on the machine with one layer over the other layer and glue them together.
  • the basic of cardboard is formed, now the next step is to cut the cardboard paper into proper shape so as to convert it into cardboard box.

Investment needed to Start Cardboard box manufacturing business

To start cardboard box manufacturing business the very basic piece of investment is the place where you are planning to open manufacturing unit. You could own the place or rent it or you could partner with someone who owns the place.

The next piece of investment is the corrugated machine 20 lacs to 55 lacs. This is the major investment as the type of machine tells the capacity of production of your unit.

The next piece is the raw material and the initial labor cost the raw material costs around rupees 36/kg.

So your total investment will be around 60-70 lacs. (Considering you are renting the place)

Steps to Start Cardboard box manufacturing business

Firstly you need to look for source of investment to run the business if you have your own money it’s well and good otherwise you need to go to bank for a bank loan and in that case it becomes a little risky game as now you need to play well.

After getting all assets ready for manufacturing unit, you need to get legal documents ready i.e. unit name, GST registration, MSME udyog registration. A lawyer will help you to do so.

Then you need to build product and tie up/look up for customers.


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