Start Coconut Oil Manufacturing Business in 2022 | Machinery Required | Investment

Coconut oil is a very common household product and it’s demand will never decrease ,though production may. That is why deciding to start coconut oil manufacturing business is a great move because Coconut oil has it’s immense benefits say it in cooking , beauty products and health related products coconut is a natural Amrit. Coconut oil market is increasing on daily basis with an average CAGR (yearly growth of around (5-6)%. According to a report coconut production in 2021-2022 is around 3.5 million metric tons. So Clearly demand is high and competition is also high but if you get the trust of customer by proving that you are selling 100% Natural organic coconut oil than nobody can stop you to do wonders and make high profits.

Deciding Location and Learning Manufacturing Steps

Before Starting you need to decide the location where you want to establish your coconut oil business because the biggest need for this is coconut itself and it would be really great if you could set up your plant near a coconut farm so that the cost of transportation of raw coconut decreases drastically and thus cost of oil decreases.

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Manufacturing Steps

  • Drying of coconut shell/copra
  • Cutting of copra
  • Roasting of Coconut shell
  • Oil Extraction using machinery
  • Oil purification
  • Packaging

Machinery Required to Start coconut Oil Manufacturing Business

Machinery required to start your coconut oil business are as follows

  • Copra Cutter
  • Oil expeller
  • Storage Units Drum
  • Micro Filters
  • Boiler
  • Wood press Machine
  • 5 HP Motor

Register Your Business

To start Coconut oil manufacturing business you need to get your business name registered in MSME udyog and get yourself a GST number and a current account in bank to operate. Next step is to decide a brand name which is both attractive and niche oriented then get trade mark of that name. A legal person will help you out in these steps.

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Investment required

Not Considering the land where you will operate, the cost to start business will be around 5-10 lakhs which includes initial raw material basic necessary machinery and initial staff cost. Start small but run fast you will achieve your goal.

Where to Sell Your Product?

You can sell your product to wholesalers around you and in local market. But if your product is good trust me going online can be a gold mine for your business. If your sell it with proper steps on e-commerce platforms you can make huge amount of profits.

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