Start Custom Shoe Making Business in 2022| Complete Details, Selling tips

In today’s World Fashion sense is not only growing among youngsters but also other age group. Nowadays Shoes are not something which are just to satisy needs of a consumer, it is a matter of emotion, feeling that it creates in the end customer. So deciding to start custom shoe making business is great idea as it is really important to take care of emotion of end customer.

Now it’s your call that along with custom shoes you want to manufacture shoes or not. But keep one thing in mind manufacturing and customizing should be work of two different departments never mix it up.

Shoe Manufacturing Business

How to Make Custom Shoes?

Now considering that you have managed to outsource/manufacture basic shoe structure now you need to make it unique and customize it. For Customizing you can do two things either you can do hand painting on shoes as well as printing on shoes

In custom shoes, Hand Painting is more in demand a lot of instagram pages are their doing so, some startups are also doing customizing printing like toesmith.

You can do design on demand also, where you’ll take shoes from people and do some customization on it.

How to get Clients?

You can get clients in your local city, as well as you can build a social media page where you can publish your daily works and wait for organic leads or you can make your own website .

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