Start Jaggery Manufacturing Business in 2022: Investment, Business Plan, Selling Strategy

Jaggery is a very common form of sugar-cane consumed mostly in India (a.k.a gurh) . It has loads of health benefits and natural sweetness, as compared to sugar so taking a decision to start jaggery manufacturing business can be very profitable. Now talking about the demand it is never going to decrease, so someone has to work and increase the supply.

Raw Material to start Jaggery Manufacturing Business

To start jaggery manufacturing business, you’ll need good quality of sugar cane as raw material. You can produce your own sugar-cane or partner with a farm which can provide you with good quality sugar cane. Do check quality of sugar cane as it is the most important factor that determines the quality of your jaggery.

Manufacturing Steps

Steps to manufacture jaggery include crushing sugar cane to get juices and then purifying the juice by boiling and then solidifying it to create our high quality tasty end product.

Machinery Required to Start jaggery Manufacturing Business

  • Sugar Cane Crusher
  • Largen Utensils for boiling
  • And Large pan for solidification

Investment Needed to Start Jaggery Manufacturing Business

To Start Jaggery Manufacturing Business investment required will be around 10-20 lacs considering you have your own place/rented place to start. This cost includes machinery, raw material, labor charges.

Where To sell jaggery?

To Sell Jaggery Firstly you need to create a brand name and sell with a clear vision to establish a brand. Get Brand Name registered choose a very fascinating brand name and figure out your USP and always keep one thing in mind never compromise on quality, because you need to create a brand don’t fall a prey to greed. After getting all legal documents ready. Create A strategy to get your customers. Get it tasted by local supermarket stores and keep some samples for customer tasting for free. You need to hustle to get local customers, if possible look for some contacts who can take your amazing product inside the shop.

Start Making your digital presence, Create a website and register on online e-commerce platforms. The biggest selling point for e-commerce is the photograph so do impressive photoshoot and have an amazing packaging, you need to make customer feel important. So design packaging accordingly. If you don’t knoww how to do things digitally i would recommend

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