Start Jockey Franchise in India 2022| Investment and business plan

Jockey is a well known brand worldwide for men and women inner wear, say it to be underwear, lingerie , shorts , T-shirts or any sports wear jockey has everything ready in line. So deciding to start jockey franchise in India can be a good decision because jockey takes care of their franchise owner by giving high profit margins on the product and moreover they are present around the globe which means their is no doubt in quality of product.

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What are benefits of Jockey Franchise?

  • No Need Of marketing, Brand Name speaks for itself
  • No need to create software
  • No need to create additional footfall at your store, Customers will come on their own
  • Profit Margins are really high
  • Support Given to Franchise is really admirable
  • Jockey is in India for 20 years now
Start Jockey Franchise in India

Investment and Area Required For Jockey franchise

According to official Website of Jockey the area required for your jockey franchise needs to be between 1000-1400+ sq. ft. the place can be your own or you could also rent a place

The Total Investment for setting up your store could be around 45-50+ lakhs depending on the city and location and the other investment will be of staff and initial stock purchasing.

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How to get the franchise?

To get The Franchise you can contact them on their official website.

Some contact details are

Jockey franchise : +91-80-40476868, 25732952


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