How to start marble and tile business in 2022? investment, dealership, profit

start marble and tile business
if you are confused whether to start marble and tile business in 2022, then you should know the following fact that marble industry alone will be 18 billion dollars by 2026. So it is clear that the industry is big and also the demand is going to increase. Since India is a developing nation so their will be a lot of infrastructure development, which indirectly promotes marble and granite industry. So if you chose to start marble and tile business it would be a great decision.

Find Manufacturers to get marbles and tiles

To find great dealers you need to to do a little bit of research, go to your nearby city and look for marble stores and build a relationship with them as a customer and while talking ask them indirectly how they are getting the material, if required you can make up a story and ask them to guide. Or you can go to a builder in your city and ask them to help you and the last thing you can do is look for brands/manufacturers of marble and tile and contact them directly. I would recommend that you choose the first option as it would help you to know how these stores work and implementing their updated strategies would be very helpful for your business.

Investment required

investment required to start marble and tile business is not much because you are in this game as a trader so if you have your own place than your investment would only be on material and employees.

After doing proper research the figures which i came across that include material to fill your store and provide initial salary to employees is around 10-15 lacs.

Getting Legal Documents ready

For starting your own store you will need to register your store with government get a GST certificate and all other necessary documents like fire certificate, i suggest you to hire some legal person to properly guide you through this.

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