Start Netmeds Franchise in 2022: Investment, Business Plan, Strategy.

Pharmaceutical industry is a very high pace growing industry its’s market capital is 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020. and of India is around 50 Billion dollars. Netmeds is one such company in this sector which is planning to open around 5000 shops in next few months. So deciding to start netmeds franchise can be a good decision as it is expanding rapidly. In this blog we will discuss about all aspects of franchise business model of netmeds. We will look at all positive and negative aspects of netmeds franchise.

What is USP of netmeds?

Netmeds is a well known brand in the pharmaceutical sector so automatically it gains the trust of consumer. and also the variety of stock a franchise sell is huge so it attracts all people.

Different Variety

  • All Allopathic and ayurvedic medicines
  • Health and wellness products
  • Ayush care products
  • Cosmetic Product
  • Surgical products
  • Baby Products

Negative Aspect of Netmeds

Start Netmeds Franchise

Biggest Disadvantage which not only netmeds but also other established brands of pharmaceutical sector face is competition, since their is a high probability of existence of a medical store in every locality so the customers are distributed over them and because of their existence over large time period, trust factor increases.

Investment required to start netmeds Franchise

To get started with netmeds you’ll need to make an investment of around 8-15 lacs which includes franchise fees, stock cost and employees. The good part of netmeds is that if you don’t have investment than netmeds help you to get a business loan. So you can believe that you’ll have full support of netmeds.

Netmeds will also provide complete training for your staff and you on how to operate the shop and their software. But before getting franchise netmeds will check that whether you pass in their checklist or not. They look for certain requirements like area required, experience and skills.

To get franchise visit netmeds franchise page.

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