Start Shoe Manufacturing Business in 2022: Investment, Business Plan, Profit

Deciding to Start Shoe Manufacturing business in 2022 can be a good decision if implemented properly. The Shoe Manufacturing industry is a growing industry because the apparel industry is growing along with cosmetic industry. So clearly a sense of fashion among people is increasing on daily basis, so demand is definitely going to increase the main question here is who will increase the supply, whether it will be you or someone else.

Decide Business Plan

In The journey to start Shoe manufacturing business, you need to take small steps with proper planning which if not done properly can be a great hassle. You have to decide the steps how will you move, i.e. first decide what kind of shoe you are going to manufacture, How many SKU’s(Stock keeping unit) you are going to create initially(Totally depends on your investment) . How will you plan investing money to machinery and raw material, how will you acquire your first customer.

Legal Documents

  • Get Your Firm Registered
  • Get GST certification
  • MSME udyog registration
  • Trade Mark/Brand Name
  • Fire Certificate
  • Insurance paper for machinery
  • Employee certificates
  • Industry Electricity Meter

How To manufacture Shoes

Start Shoe Manufacturing  Business

To learn The manufacturing of Shoes , I would recommend That you visit a Shoe Manufacturing industry, You can spoof them by saying that you are wholesale buyer and can visit their factory or you can ask the seller of machinery to help you out in this step

In the Overview of Manufacturing, The Raw material i.e. Leather is cut into proper required length and different components of shoes are manufactured separately i.e. inner sole, outer sole , base of shoe and then all the components are stitched together and a packed in a cardboard box.

Investment required to Start Shoe manufacturing business

The Cost of all machinery will be around 5-30 lacs. You’ll also need land to operate the manufacturing and the space required will be around 1500-3500 sq. ft. So if you have your own space it’ll be great otherwise you need to buy or rent it. Considering you rent it, it’ll add an extra cost of around 50000 rent . Now the next cost will be of employees. You need to pay initial salary out of your pocket.

So after considering all expenses Your initial investment will be around 20-50 lacs.

Machinery Required to Start Shoe Manufacturing Business

  • Shoe Material Cutting and Marking
  • Footwear Logo Print
  • Footwear Upper Stitching
  • Assembly machine
  • Outsole Processing

Where To sell?

To Sell your product you need to find wholesale buyer who can buy your product and you can also sell on e-commerce.

Selling to Wholesale buyers

Wholesale buyers are the one who buy your product in bulk. To find wholesale buyers you can visit local markets and ask the shopkeepers from where did they bought the shoes, as generally a retail buyer buys from a wholesaler and a wholesaler buys from manufacturer. Also you can Look for agents in market. An agent is a person who have contacts with the buyer and create a good deal between buyer and seller and takes a commission in between. The agents can be a great source to provide good buyers.

Selling through e-commerce sites

E-commerce Sites like amazon, meesho, flipkart can generate a great traffic and sales if done properly. Their is a hell lot of traffic on these sites which can convert very easily. If you didn’t have a knowledge on e-commerce I would recommend that you partner with a company who runs your e-commerce and in return they take a commission which can vary from 5-15 %. You should not leave this source as it has a high potential and a easy way to compete with existing brands.

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