Start Curtain Manufacturing Business in 2022: Investment, Business Plan, Profit Planning

Deciding to start curtain manufacturing business can prove to be a great step, because curtain is a piece of cloth which is available in every household and hotels and all major part of real estate. Nowadays curtains are also used in interior designing. So demand is never going to decrease , rather it will increase yearly.

Getting Legal Documents ready

To start curtain manufacturing business you need to get your business name registered in MSME udyog and get yourself a GST number and a current account in bank to operate. Next step is to decide a brand name which is both attractive and niche oriented then get trade mark of that name. A legal person will help you out in these steps.

How to manufacture curtain?

Before Starting you’ll need raw material. Curtains can be made from a large variety of fabrics i.e. cotton, silk, polyester, linen, brocade. Generally the fabrics for curtain is known as Drapery Fabric.

Now steps included in manufacturing of curtain are very easy

  • Doing Designing(Printing or other hand works, embroidery, etc)
  • Cutting The Fabric
  • Adding ribbed fabric at end(optional)
  • Washing
  • Packaging

Investment required to start curtain manufacturing business

The biggest piece of investment will be a place of property where you’ll run manufacturing process . If you have your own property it’s great otherwise you need to rent a place.

You’ll need machinery to manufacture curtains and each machine costs around 45000-300000 so total machinery will be around 2-7 lacs depending on production capacity. You’ll also need employees to run the place and on an average each employee will cost 10-15k.

Business Plan| Where will you sell ?

The next big step is to find customers where you can sell your product. You can sell your product to local or nearby big wholesale market. Initially you can take a sample to market near your place and give them the product at certain discounted price and make them your permanent customer.

You can also sell on online platforms you can make your own website as well as get registered on e-commerce portals. A lot of startup nowadays are helping you to build e-commerce store and increase your sales.

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