In This Blog We Will get to know how to start a jute bag manufacturing business in 2022. Jute Bag industry is a very undervalued industry which will grow drastically once the plastic bag reaches it’s upper circuit. Jute Bags are both beautiful and eco-friendly and reusable.


Manufacturing Jute Bags

The Most important step involved in journey to start a jute bag manufacturing business in 2022 is understanding the steps involved in manufacturing jute bags, So that you can serve your customer with high quality bags. Following steps are involved in manufacturing jute bags.

  • Buy Raw Jute Rolls
  • Cut the jute roll in required measurements
  • Do necessary designing (Printing and handwork)
  • Stitching of pieces to create a final finished product
  • Packing of bags

Cutting the wastage cost in manufacturing

In the industry of manufacturing their can be a lot of wastage due to human error, typo in notes, machine error. So you need to minimise that error so that you can give the best cost to customers. To do so you can implement ERP software, Do proper maintainence of machinery and train the staff properly.

Why This industry will boom

We all have heard government increasing restriction on plastic bags with time so it is clear that in future we will not see plastic bag so their is high chance that jute bag industry will make it’s place.

Investment required

To start Jute Manufacturing business in 2022 a decent amount of investment will be needed which includes a place, employees, machinery, getting raw material.

In raw Material we have Jute rolls which have a price of Rupees 60-80 per roll. And the next investment will be machinery a semi automated jute machine costs around 70000-80000. and a fully automated machine costs around 8 lacs-35 lacs. Cost of employee will depend but average salary of each salary will be around 10000-15000.

So if you have your own place or you are renting the place the investment will vary from 15lac-50lac.

To arrange for investment you can either reach out to banks, or you can join a committee, or look for a business partner.

Choose a business name and get legal documents ready

Since your main customer will be woman, so you need to decide the name which resonates with the choice of your customer like some brands like nykaa, mama earth, zivame resonates with something modern.

To get legal documents ready you can reach out to a legal person who will get all your necessary documents(MSME udyog registration, GST registration, all other business certificates) ready.

How to Sell Products

You have to distribute your product with two channels online and offline.

Offline channel include wholesale trades who will buy your product in bulk and further sell to retail owners who will sell to customer.

Online channel include selling your product on e-commerce site,. If you have never sold anything on e-commerce I would recommend partnering with some agency who can set it up for you, it will save you a lot of time. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc are some e-commerce platforms. Nowadays Meesho is also generating a good amount of direct and indirect(re-sellers) traffic so then can be a major part of your revenue.

Promoting your brand

The best way of marketing nowadays is by creating a social presence. If you are unable to do it yourself hire some external agency to do it. Manage a good social presence. Daily update your Instagram, Facebook. If it is feasible I would recommend that you create your website and start posting blogs on jute bags so that a lot of organic traffic can reach your brand, thus further increasing your brand visibility on e-commerce. I can bet that if you do proper brand building than you can make a turnover of 5 lacs per month(minimum) only by e-commerce.


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