Twisting Scoops Franchise in 2022- Franchise Model, Investment, Profitability

Twisting Scoops is an Indian based Turkish ice cream brand, taking decision to open twisting scoops franchise can be a great decision because right now no big brand is available for Turkish ice cream and twisting scoops is running at a fast pace with currently 50+ outlets all over the country. Moreover Turkish ice creams are gaining a lot of popularity because of staff, taste and customer experience at the store.

Their Unique Selling Point(USP) is 100% vegetarian and made with 100% natural ingredients. Talking about franchise benefits, they have same day in store delivery, High ROI and low investment, expert support till the end.

Twisting scoops franchise

Franchise Models

Twisting scoops franchise comes in three different models,

  • Studio model
  • Kiosk model
  • store model

Space and Investment for different Models

Studio model- It is kind of large restaurant with big counter live display of ice cream, manufacturing in front of customer, thus enhancing the customer experience and it also contains other cafeteria items in menu, the space required is 600-800 sq. ft. and investment starts from 30 lacs onwards(Franchise cost around 18 lacs).

Kiosk Model- It is preferably started in malls, busy streets and food courts. The space required is lesser which is 60-150 sq. ft. and investment starts from 20 lac onwards(Franchise cost-around 15 lacs).

Store model- It is prefered to be opened in high street area with large footfall, markets around the city. The space required is 250-300 sq. ft. investment starts from 20 lacs onwards(Franchise cost around 16 lacs).

Along with this other costs include the cost of staff, marketing(sometimes Beared by the franchiser initially) and purchasing the raw material which will be around 3-4 lacs upfront cost.

How to get source of investment

You can get the investment source either from banks, banks will need a collateral to be submitted but the interest rate will be great as compared to money raised from a individual financer. The other way is that you participate in a committe fund/chit fund which is among known partners. You can also have a partner with you who can fund your business.

How to get Franchise

To Get the franchise you need to visit their official site and fill a form. And also get all the legal documents ready like GST registration fire certificate and all necessary certificates. Hire a legal person and company will also help you out in this process.

After filling the forms some steps will take place

  • Meeting
  • Site Inspection
  • 3d Site Plan
  • Hiring of staff
  • Training of Staff
  • Marketing
  • Grand opening

Further Help

For Further help regarding twisting scoops franchise you can ask in comments below or you can contact twisting scoops with given details of franchise query below

Monday – Saturday

10 AM- 10 PM

+91 88106 54864


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